Male | Bisexual | Switch

Married | Monogamous | Committed

Sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't.

NSFW. We are exploring the realm of kinky sex, including some elements of D/s roles and the dynamics therein. We both switch, meaning either of us will be dominant or submissive. We are very much into sensual, erotic play. We do not practice, nor condone: inflicting severe pain, torture and abuse, subjugation, humiliation, cheating, cuckolding, hotwifing and other nefarious sexual deviance too lengthy to list here. If this is what you practice and you like it, goodie for you. Here's a cookie. Do not expect a follow back if your blog is like this. It's nothing personal, we just don't like it and don't want to see it on my dash.

My wife and I see each other as equals. We are NOT looking for a third person to join us, nor do we desire to swing. Most everything you see here is simply the expression of fantasy with some inspiration mixed in. We are committed to each other 100%. She regards me as her's, and her's alone. I regard her as mine, and mine alone. We take our wedding vows seriously — "forsaking all love, honor and obey..." That's just part of how we view marriage, and it's perfect for us.

Copyright shall remain the property of the owner. I hold copyright only on images I produce, watermark and digitally sign, as well as text captions that I may add to various posts. If you're the copyright holder of anything on this blog and you want it removed, just send me a note. No disrespect is intended, in fact, if your work appears on my blog, you should take it as a sincere compliment.